Irrigation System Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance Turner, OR

Regardless of how big or small your landscape is, it will need an irrigation system. The type of installations will be dependent on the types of plants and shrubs, their placement, lawn spaces and more. When we handle any landscape design and installation jobs, we also ensure that the irrigation system is planned and installed well. The system could be a mix-and match of automatic and manual systems based on your needs and budget. But just like every other feature in your landscape, this installation to needs regular care and maintenance. This is where we come into the picture.

We at Nature Bros Landscape Maintenance have been providing irrigation system maintenance services to clients in and around Turner, Salem, Hayesville, and Keizer. We also have a number of satisfied customers in Albany, Dallas, Lebanon and the surrounding areas. Over the years, our company has built a very solid presence in Woodburn, Corvallis, Canby, as well as Newberg and our experts cater to a number of regular customers here as well. We can handle irrigation maintenance on your existing landscape that has been installed by other contractors as well as for systems that we have installed for you.

Impacts of Incorrectly Installed Irrigation Systems

If the irrigation system in your landscape is poorly-maintained, it means there may be a lot of water wastage on your property, which will increase your utility bills. Apart from this, the water just doesn’t reach its intended destination and most of it gets evaporated, may get wasted as runoff etc. In short, your plants won’t get the amount of water they need either.

When you choose to hire us for garden irrigation maintenance services, we carry out regular inspections of all the irrigation installations on your property and make sure that they are functioning well. This helps reduce problems in the system down the line and your plants, lawns, and trees get the amount of water they need.

Irrigation Maintenance – The Basics

The recommendation is that irrigation maintenance should be carried out at least twice annually. As part of these solutions we:

  • Inspect the controller and ensure its functioning well
  • Update date & time settings as required
  • Check all connections and wiring
  • Inspect the rain sensors and service them
  • Replace the battery backup
  • Alter the automatic system watering schedule based on the landscape’s irrigation needs and the season
  • Turn on all the irrigation zones, check for damage and fix it if any is found

Custom Landscape Irrigation Maintenance Plans

We understand that every landscape is different and that it will have different plants and trees etc. This is why we provide custom sprinkler maintenance packages. These may include backflow certification, summer monthly visits as well as a spring start-up inspection. As your garden matures over the years and its watering needs change, we will also make changes in the system to ensure that your landscape gets the right amount of water right around the year.

If you are looking for reliable and high-quality irrigation maintenance solutions, you need look no further than Nature Bros Landscape Maintenance. We are the experts that work diligently, design customized plans and services to cater to your specific requirements. For any more information on our services and irrigation maintenance cost, feel free to call us at 503-602- 3116 and discuss your project details with us. You can also send queries via this online form.

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